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Buy Any pair of Glasses with an Anti-Glare OR Light Changeable Lenses, and you can get a FREE pair of Single Vision Anti-Glare glasses or Prescription Sunglasses.


VALID UNTIL 15 April 2024

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Experience the Power of See Freely and Get a 2nd Pair Free ARC: Unlock Your Full Potential!

  • Cost savings: Prescription eyewear can be expensive, especially when including coatings like Anti-Glare. Now you can save by getting a free pair of Single Vision glasses without the financial burden.

  • Style options and Enhanced aesthetics: With a free pair of Single Vision glasses, it provides a selection of frame styles and designs for you to choose from. As an added bonus, Anti-Glare coatings not only improve vision but also provide cosmetic benefits. These coatings reduce reflections on the surface of the lenses, making them more transparent and allowing others to see your eyes more clearly.

  • Improved visual clarity: Single Vision lenses are designed to correct a single field of vision, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. By adding lenses with an Anti-Glare coating, it enhances visual clarity by reducing glare from artificial light sources, reflections, and computer screens. This can result in sharper, crisper vision, particularly in low-light conditions or while using digital devices.

Break Free from

Overpaying for your prescription glasses and dealing with daily glare from artificial light sources, reflections, and computer screens:

Embrace a Life of Comfort with

See Freely and Get a 2nd Pair Free ARC!

Khanyisile Makhaya

It absolutely feels like home. The love, the care, the staff goes an extra mile to make sure that the customers are setisfied. I'm going in tomorrow for my new spectacles, you won't believe that I traveled from Durban just because I don't see myself going anywhere else. I love and appreciate you guys.

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Roodepoort, South Africa

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